Today, we’re highlighting Bill Seufert, who has been volunteering with us for 15 years! Prior to his retirement, he was an electrical protection engineer in the telephone industry. He also designed and created custom wood furniture, so volunteering with Habitat for Humanity seemed like a perfect fit. 

After Bill retired, he began volunteering, starting with the Cascadia house in Granite Falls. Since then, he has developed a broader understanding of what goes into building a house from start to finish. 

Currently, Bill uses his professional knowledge to help develop electrical plans for Habitat homes. Additionally, when it comes time to build, he leads a group of volunteers in wiring the home. In our upcoming Twin Creeks Village, he is taking the lead on any electrical issues that occur during the development of a project site. 

Bill is a great leader and teacher, and it’s part of why he loves volunteering with us. “I really enjoy the interaction with other volunteers and sharing knowledge with them that build their skill level.”

 He is also looking forward to breaking ground on Twin Creeks Village this year and serving families in the area. “I think Habitat provides a great service to the community in providing homes to folks who would not otherwise be able to acquire homeownership.”

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