Another day of solid progress on the Gold Bar 2 site! Twelve builders donated close to one hundred hours, pushing forward in a number of areas:

  • Shiner Patrol took a final pass on roof nailing and found a few shiners which we pulled and re-nailed. We also, after loading roofing materials, installed the final piece of decking and nailed it off. Last task for roof team was setting up a ladder to aid roofer on Saturday.
  • Big thanks to all builders pitching in to move roof shingles to the roof – about 1,500 lbs altogether moved from ground level to roof. This was the last activity needed to prep for roofer. Dustin Ward, of Ward Roofing, has donated labor to install roof and he’ll be on site this Saturday!
  • The plumbing team worked through the last of the plumbing rough-in activities, getting to the point where system testing could be conducted. Overall plumbing system appears leak-free. More testing on Wednesday will confirm.
  • The electrical team continued electrical rough-in installation by pulling wires through most of the house. Most of the wiring is complete. With the roof installed (and house dry) this team will continue with circuit panel installation next Wednesday.
  • The front porch crew built on the foundation piers installed last week and in the end we have a solid porch structure that really completes the front elevation of the house. We also installed one more window (three remain), and installed window frames on the four windows now installed.

Here’s the menu for Saturday: 

We’ll have a small group of builders coming from the Navy. We’ll also have Dustin Ward, installing our roof cover.
  • Complete window install – four of seven are done. One lower window, and two upper windows remain.
  • Complete front door installation. We ran into a stopper last Saturday; the jamb was wet and cupped. Jamb appeared back in shape Wednesday. We’ll install the door.
  • We have all materials and tools required to start siding installation. We’ll begin working on the right side of the house if we have enough hands to field a siding team.
  • Install roof covering. All materials and supplies delivered to roof by Wednesday builders. Dustin will install the roof.
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