We had a productive and quiet day on-site Wednesday, August 24th.

Primary activity was installing peel-and-stick Vycor house wrap, a donation from Grace Building Products. After a little practice the house wrap team was delivering good clean sheets with on-target 2″ overlap. The donated materials should just complete this job, so overlap is critical. Too much and we run out before finish. Bonus points to Sara and Dan for wrestling ladders all day, a requirement to roll the sheets down. Well done! Dave and Pat cut the material just the right length, then worked from second floor inside ladders getting sheets started. Chris2 was ground support, and kept things safe and squared away.

The wrap team completed front and back walls; this went first because we lose top-wall access Wednesday as trusses go in. The house wrap team will come together next Wednesday to complete both side walls.

Dennis, Jim, and Bill started laying out the electrical and plumbing pathways we’ll need to thread wire and pipe throughout the home. Plumbing rough-in will be next at GB2 because work isn’t impacted if it gets wet. Plumbers like to go first in Step 4 Systems/Rough-in arguing 1) they need a fresh canvas to make the gravity drain system function, and 2) piping isn’t near as bendy as wiring. Both good reasons. We can’t start any meaningful electrical rough-in until the roof cover is installed.

The roofer is tentatively lined up for Saturday, August 10th. We’ll confirm that date on August 3rd.

Today a builder noted the quiet neighborhood. We didn’t have saws and nailers going. Besides rattling the ladders every so often we didn’t make ruckus.


7/31 Wednesday Build: Truss delivery and installation. We expect to have trusses installed and some decking installed by days-end. We also have the next major Dunn delivery coming Wednesday. Goodies include trim, siding and roof decking.

8/3 Saturday Build: Windows tentatively will be available for install, plus exterior trim boards. Once corner trim in installed we can begin siding.

Thanks for helping Mike and Vickie build a home for themselves!

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