Solid effort over the last several weeks are bringing us to the conclusion of Step 3 – Structure/Dry-in, and at the same time completing activities required in Step 4 – Systems/Rough-in.

During the August 17 Saturday build Builder’s Club regulars anchored the build team. Additionally, two Navy Team builders got the remaining windows installed and placed and installed the front door, too. Builders started siding up the right side wall.

We also welcomed Dustin Ward, Ward Roofing LLC, to the site. Dustin offered, several months back, to donate his time and expertise installing our roof cover (an $1800 donation). On August 17th, Dustin got it done. To document this important donation, another builder, Andrew Megrditchian, was on-site capturing the work!

With summer travel drawing a number of Builder’s Club members offsite, we had a group of six builders pitch-in on August 21st. With the roof cover in place, all electrical rough-in components were OK to install. That work was a big focus for builders. We also continued siding install on the left and back sides of the house. Appreciate every one of the 48 hours donated during the build.

On Saturday, August 24th, builders continued making progress on siding install, and continuing work on the electrical rough-in activities. The siding team focused on the left side wall, since required electrical components (the meter, and main electrical drop) need to be installed in this area soon. Working off ladders took extra time. The team’s focus on maintaining proper siding spacing was terrific. Well done, Builders!

On Wednesday, August 28th, builders continued working through electrical activities, like getting the breaker panel installed and preparing for fan and heater installations (planned 9/4). Recall the plumbing rough-in activity is complete, and ready for inspection. The electrical rough-in should be complete at the end of September 4th build. Also on August 28th we installed siding, and brought the front and back porches to nearly-complete.

As we complete Step 4 activities we’ll have several inspections to complete before we can begin the next significant activity inside: installing drywall. We got some good news last week. Our drywall supplier, L&W Supply, has some extra in stock they’ll donate for GB2. Wonderful!

Thanks for helping us build Gold Bar 2!

We won’t build over the holiday weekend, so we’ll see everyone on September 4th at the build site!

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